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  In order to invigorate the effective assets of Xiangtan Cable Works, after approval of The People's Government of Hunan Province, Hunan Valin Wire&Cable Co.,Ltd. Which was sponsored and set up jointly by Hunan Valin Steel&Iron Co.,Ltd, Xiangtan Steel&Iron Group Co.,Ltd and other 5 companies in July 2003, With registered capital RMB25334 million Yuan.
Hunan Valin Wire&Cable Co.,Ltd. is a National Wire and Cable Standardization Technical Committee member units, the state leads UHV Transmission Project Development Base, National Aerospace Research and Development Base of Special Cables, High-Tech Enterprises in Hunan Province, Hunan Innovative Pilot Enterprises, Technology Center for the Special Cable and Engineering Research Center of Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Hunan Pilot Unit of Manufacturing Informatization.
  With nearly 60 years production history of wire and cable, the company has accumulated a wealth of production experience in product development. It also has a group of key technical staff engaged in wire and cable technology research and a number of skilled workers team engaged in the production of wire and cable technicians mainly for years, with strong research and development capabilities. The company has 1180 staff, 486college and university graduates, 58 of them with intermediate technical titles, 18 senior engineers, 8 professor level senior engineers, 3 National Standardization Technical Committee members of wire and cable, 2 CES Wire and Cable Committee members, a member of the China Association for Flame Retardant and 3 National Registered Quality Management Senior Auditors.
The company has advanced manufacturing technology and research methods, and all the products have independent intellectual property rights. HJ-8 leading-wire, ultra-high-temperature cables, anti-electromagnetic pulse cables won national outstanding new product award. LSZH combustion laboratory projects carried off Technology Progress Award of the China Machinery industry. LSZH cable for ship project was honored with Technology Progress Award of the Industry committee for National Defense. LSZH special ship cable and large section of UHV transmission project overhead conductors won excellent new product award. "Golden Phoenix" XLPE power cables was awarded the title of famous brand continuously in Hunan. The company applied for 18 patents in recent 3 years, including soft LSZH marine cables, urban rail transit XLPE cables, water-resistant tree frequency XLPE cables, submarine bearing detection cables, salt water-powered mining machines with high pressure flexible cables, multi-core high-temperature flat cable, high tensile strength cable, high-strength low-electric resistance cable wearing resistance, flat wire with braided conductors, ultra-high temperature shielded control cable and other 25 national patents. At present, The company undertake a number of development work of national science and technology project.
  The ultra-high temperature cables developed for "Shenzhou" manned spaceship engineering have sent Shenzhou spacecraft into space successfully many times. The umbilical cable researched for "Shenzhou VII" manned spacecraft astronauts suit have ensure that China astronauts completed spacewalk successfully, which was awarded by the National Manned Space Engineering Office. LSZH special ship became the styling products of the latest submarine cable (094 projects), 88 cores cable is the styling products of the latest multi-functional integrated guided missile frigate (054 projects), anti-electromagnetic pulse cable is the stereotypes products of missile engineering for Dongfeng series.
  The company pays attention to the integration of production, study and research, making great efforts to build a technology platform to support the company to implement the strategy of technology and improve the capacity of industrial innovation, and it has established long-term relationship with Xi'an JiaoTong University, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Hunan University, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Physics applied in succession, having set up four test sites and research centers.
  Using advanced computer technology, The company introduced the world's advanced ERP supply chain management to establish a rules-based system of governance and an effective management information systems to implement information integration of enterprise, which was in order to achieve standardization of internal control and controllability of external risks. ERP can be established to help your enterprise to deal with these problems effectively, using reasonable allocations mechanism and information feedback mechanism, to achieve dynamic tracking of orders and execution of plans to ensure delivery. It can grasp the sales fully and accurately to improve the timeliness of capital returns. Meanwhile, EPR made purchasing and inventory management more transparent and economization. It let Logistics, capital flow and information flow became one, making possibility for scientific, rapid decision.
  Through billion investment technical transformation, the company has a strong manufacturing capacity and a high level of scientific research and development capacity. Its annual output can reach 3.0 billion. The company's current annual production capacity is as follow: 40000t overhead wires, 15000km XLPE cables, 15000km plastic power cable, 500000 km electrical equipment cable, 10000km rubber insulated cables, and silicon fluorine rubber, fluorine plastic insulation high temperature cables, aerospace wire and cable, marine cables, mining cables, wind turbines cables, nuclear power cable, rail traffic with cables, computer cables and other specialty cable products can be hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
  The company has always strictly organized production according to Chinese standards (GB, GJB, JB, MT) or advanced foreign standards (IEC, MIL, BS, ASTM, DIN, JIS). Whether technology or product quality, It has been in forefront of the level in the domestic industry. The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification of Military Product Supplier, Weapons and Equipment Research and Production License Certification, The General Armament Department qualified contractor certification, "MA" certification and "3C" mandatory certification. Marine cables have been CCS, ABS, DNV, LR, BV and other factory authorized classification societies.
  Hunan Valin Wire&Cable Co.,Ltd. will take "Innovation, Pragmatic, Quality, Integrity" for the purpose, adhering to the business style of "quality first, consumer first", as always, with excellent product quality and thoughtful service measures, cooperate with customers from all walks of life to create bright future hand in hand.